Porta Potty Rental Fort Bragg CA

We offer portable sanitation rentals for residential needs, events, seasonal activities, and construction projects. Affordable and easy. Call 707-964-1172 today

Septic Tank Pumping

If you live in a rural area, your home is likely has a septic system. Regular pumping of the septic tank is needed to remove accumulated solids. This avoids septic backups that can affect your plumbing and your yard. How often your septic needs pumping depends on many things, such as the number of people in the residence, how much water they use, even your style of cooking and whether or not you have a garbage grinder in your sink.

Don’t know if your tank needs service? Thompson’s will make a service call to check things out. We will measure the accumulation in the tank and recommend a course of action. If the tank does not need pumping, we will tell you that, and if it does, we can pump it the same day. Please note: If no pumping is needed, you will still be charged for the service call.

At Thompson’s Porta Septic Service, we also understand that sometimes there are septic tank emergencies. We always try to accommodate emergency service and there is no extra charge for evening or weekend work. Call us today to schedule septic service or for more information.


Trailer & Holding Tank Pumping

Do you have a travel trailer on a rural property and need to have the holding tank emptied? We do that. Just give us a call at 707-964-1172 and we will schedule it.

Septic Tank Accessories

Putting PVC risers on the tank, with lids on the surface of the ground, make maintaining your septic tank much easier. At Thompson’s, we stock an assortment of Orenco brand risers in different heights, lids, and the parts needed to attach them to your tank. Call us today for a quote! 707-964-1172

Portable Sanitation

From the most elegant wedding to a casual backyard barbecue, portable restrooms make rural gatherings possible. Our coastal residences and venues are served by septic systems and water wells. Large gatherings can overwhelm either system. Besides being convenient for guests, portable toilets and sinks reduce water use, helping to keep the septic system from overload, and the well from running dry. We offer portable toilets and sinks in multiple sizes and they are a neutral, discreet color. All of our portable sanitation solutions are delivered sparkling clean and ready to use. We offer:

Standard Restrooms

Call us today to reserve a portable toilet or sink for your next event!


Fleet Restroom

An upgrade from the standard restroom, the pale gray Fleet portable toilet has a nicely designed interior with an integrated sink, liquid soap, paper towels, and a solar light that comes on at dusk.


Deluxe Restroom

The largest of our portable restrooms, the roomy Deluxe has a flushable toilet. It includes a full-length mirror, integrated sink, liquid soap, paper towels, and a solar light that comes on at dusk.


Freestanding Sinks

Hand washing is vital in any event where food is served. The 2-station sinks are fully self-contained, with a large water tank, and come stocked with soap and paper towels. These are very cost-effective when grouped with 2 or more standard portable restrooms.


Spa Suite Restroom Trailer

The luxury option for your event. The men’s and women’s rooms are beautifully appointed and feature flushing toilets, electric lights, shelves for flowers and amenities, hot water, restful music…everything necessary to create a welcoming oasis for your guests.


Seasonal Needs

We offer sanitation solutions for seasonal activities including campgrounds, athletic leagues, beaches, vineyards, farms, and more. Call us today to reserve your spot!

Construction Site Sanitation

Do you have an upcoming project that will require facilities? We offer portable sanitation solutions for all types of job sites. Whether you require only a standard restroom, or you’re looking for combination or trailer restrooms, we have you covered. Call us today at 707-964-1172 to learn more about our options!